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August 28: great site for ideas and inspiration: http://www.creativelanguageclass.com/blog/
May 26: wikispace on culture and art: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Art
May 20: Here is a teacher's website that has some great resources and lesson plan ideas: Trisha Kelly Spanish teacher at Gordon School (Check out the Guatemala page--- She does a cool lesson on Day of Dead in Guatemale - the students make Barriletes!!)

March 4:

Here is the link to the new recording site: Vocaroo.com

OCt 10, 2014
(I need to check it out more)

Sept. 30 2014: Great site for practicing listening Spanish: Spanishear

Sept 10 2014:
GREAT SIGHT for AUTHentic reading exercises!!! Reino unido reading exercises from authentic texts

Sept. 2014

Sept 2014
audio stories: 123TEACHME! Audio Stories

August 9. 2014
Here is the blog that Abby sent about essay writing in the form of infographics: Re-Vamping the writing (three grades: writing presentational/speaking presentational/speaking interpersonal)

Here are practice exams from the Spanish National exam. Practice exams
We might consider these for Mid-Terms and Finals (maybe DDMs?)

July 26, 2014
This blog post lists websites that every Spanish teacher should know: 20 Websights every SP teacher should know

This site offers music videos of all sorts with the lyrics right under the video: wopvideos
Spanish stories to read or listen to: World stories

July 10, 2014
here's a new tool I just discovered: Create a realistic newspaper clip

Here is a great web sight that Michelle found with profieincy rubrics on it: http://oflaslo.weebly.com/proficiency-rubrics.html#.U5-q9PldVqW
current school calender:
PPS calender

acquisition versus learning

NEW websight with lots of resources: 123TEACHME

Here's some laughs for you!

SNL: La Policia Mexicana

And here's some REALITY for you:

Here's a slide show that JCPS schools use to introduce their students to proficiency based assessment: within the slideshow are two videos: the first one is the video with the cat and goldfish, that speaks "dog". The seconde video is a series of clips of famous peole speakng a language other than English.

Here is Thomas Sauer's sky drive FL curriculum based on proficiency:
sky drive proficiency based curriculum

technology tools to use in the classroom:

Name Randomizer

Online Stopwatch

Noise meter: Bouncy Balls

candle stopwatch

Discovery Education Streaming video:


Passcode for PNHS: 8F78-D982

Sample VOCES etext book free sample for one week:

the user name and ID are:
Your Class ID is: VOCESP4454
Your User ID is: VP667
here's the link:

Here's an excellent site for grammar. the explanations and lessons are concise, simple and comprehensive. Each explanation is followed by a practice quiz.


This above link is the GRAMMAR page from the Bowdoin college Spanish site: http://www.bowdoin.edu/~eyepes/newgr/index.html

Flags of Spanish speaking countries:

TELL: Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning

Listening Practice in Spanish!: spanish ear

Great blog for using authentic material: Culutra y civilzacion
authentic realia and text with activities and reading comprehension questions: google doc: Fichas lectura

Reading comprehension: article and interview with Juanes!!: Juanes reading comprehension

OLA Training Materials:

123 Teach ME spanish profiency exercises